2023 round up at Four Stroke Media

Reflecting on 2023, Four Stroke Media had one of our best years yet!

Starting with events, throughout 2023, our team has hosted and run more events than ever before! From influencer marketing events, track days and PR events for multiple of our clients across the UK and Europe, to not forgetting our fantastic team days filled with fun team bonding. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, and we couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and dedication poured into making these events a success.

We’ve also entered into new sectors, with having established a solid presence in the Automotive sector, 2023 has been a year of remarkable growth. We’ve extended our reach into new territories, venturing into industries such as gaming, health and fitness and technology. While maintaining our stronghold in the automotive realm, our dedication to seeking out avenues where our services can make a difference remains unwavering.

With our clients and influencers, each year, we are dedicated to expanding our network of clients and influencers. With a stellar lineup of more than 30 incredible creators and new clients joining us every month, we’re committed to nurturing both our new and existing relationships, delivering top-notch services at every turn. As we dive into new and thrilling projects alongside our existing clients and talented influencers, we’re also eager to explore exciting new partnerships on the horizon!

Here is to a successful 2024 with more opportunities, events, collaborations and partnerships with new and existing creators and clients!

2023 at Four Stroke Media