How We Select and Vet Influencers for Our Campaigns

With follower count being a competitive foreground for some influencers, this can lead to people purchasing followers or ‘faking’ the level of their audience.

Follower bots are automated programs designed to mimic real social media users and artificially inflate an account’s follower count. Some creators will buy followers for various reasons, including the desire to create an illusion of popularity or influence, enhance ‘credibility’ and attract genuine followers by appearing more influential.

At Four Stroke Media, we believe that authenticity is the backbone of successful influencer marketing. With that, we value influencers who align with our clients ethos and can provide authenticity that resonates with their real audiences…not with bots!

When working with our clients, a large follower count may seem enticing. However, we prioritise quality over quantity when selecting influencers for campaigns. Authenticity and genuine connection with followers are key considerations and this is where our vetting process comes in.

Our vetting process incorporates cutting-edge software to identify bot followers, ensuring that collaborations with creators yield genuine reach and brand awareness. We abstain from working with influencers displaying a high percentage of bot followers to safeguard our clients’ investments.

Beyond bot metrics, we delve into influencers’ past collaborations, evaluating the success of prior campaigns and the consistency of their messaging. Our scrutiny extends to their overall online presence, encompassing social media profiles and potential controversies.

Through long-term partnerships with influencers, we’ve cultivated a culture of transparency and honesty. We value open communication with creators, expecting the same commitment in return. In an era where authenticity is key, our approach to influencer selection aims to elevate our clients’ campaigns through genuine connections and impactful collaborations.

If you want to ensure that you are working with the right influencers, get in touch today to see how we can help you ;