How we source influencers for brands

At Four Stroke Media, our approach to influencer sourcing is a mix between established relationships, trusted collaborations and utilising technology. Here is some insight into how we source influencers for brands to ensure precise audience targeting and impactful campaign outcomes.

Cultivating Relationships

Over the years, FSM has nurtured relationships with hundreds of influencers across diverse sectors. These connections have been formed through genuine interactions, collaborative campaigns and a shared vision for brand elevation. Building relationships with these influencers has helped form a connection which we can guarantee will align with our clients.

Roster of Trusted Influencers

Through relationships that we have built, FSM has curated roster of 30+ influencers. These individuals have been a part in numerous campaigns with our clients, demonstrating their reliability, creativity, and alignment with brand values. Their proven track records and deep understanding of any campaigns goals make them invaluable assets in crafting impactful collaborations.

Utilising softwares

One of FSM’s advantages lies in our excellent softwares, housing millions of influencers worldwide. This cutting-edge tool enables us to pinpoint the exact influencer match for our clients’ unique needs. By analysing audience demographics, engagement metrics, viewership and relevance, we ensure our clients reach the right audiences

At FSM, influencer sourcing isn’t just a task—it’s part of our expertise to help brands connect authentically with their audience. Reach out to FSM today and let us sculpt your brand’s success story with the perfect influencers tailored to your needs!

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