In our steadfast partnership with Carly, a trailblazing in-car tech company from Germany, we’ve been their cornerstone for influencer marketing campaigns for over three years. We’ve seamlessly organised events and executed a series of prosperous campaigns for their OBD reader. Our comprehensive services, including influencer sourcing, influencer PR, and event management, have significantly contributed to Carly’s achievement of millions of views across various social media platforms.

  • Platforms

    Youtube Instagram TikTok

  • Objective

    Reach a male dominated audience and increase sales of the Carly OBD Device and subscription service globally.

  • Client Details

    Carly is an in-car tech company, allowing users to access hidden information, unlock features and diagnose issues within their cars. Central to Carly's ongoing outreach is their flagship product: the Carly OBD Device, complemented by its subscription service, captivating a broad spectrum of individuals passionate about automotive and tech.

  • Strategy Chosen

    Our sustained partnership with Carly on a monthly retainer basis has allowed us to harness the creative prowess of our talent pool and collaborate seamlessly with additional content creators. Together, we have seamlessly integrated Carly, the OBD reader, into their content creation. These adept creators consistently and skillfully weave Carly's features into their material, resulting in a continual elevation of brand recognition. Their content traverses a broad spectrum of topics, spanning from in-depth car maintenance tutorials and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics to customisation and coding, and beyond.


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