The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Behaviour

Influencer marketing is essentially a form of marketing where brands collaborate with like minded content creators to promote their products or services and here are some of the effects that this can have on consumer behaviour.

When consumers see their favourite influencers using and endorsing a product or service, it creates a sense of social proof that validates the brand’s credibility and quality. We work with influencers that consumers can rely on as trusted sources of information therefore, their endorsement can strongly influence their purchasing decisions!

Another impact of influencer marketing on consumer behaviour is the emotional connection that influencers establish with their followers. Influencers often share their personal experiences, stories, and lifestyle choices, which resonate with their audience on an emotional level – We always want to work with down to earth and honest influencers (Both in life and within their content). We love that creators can build such a connection through the screen with their audiences!

In the past, consumers relied on traditional advertising and product reviews to decide whether they should be buying something. However, many people now turn to influencers for product, services or even restaurant recommendations and reviews (TikTok is huge for this!). This is great as influencers often provide detailed reviews, tutorials, and demonstrations of products, which can be more authentic and relatable compared to traditional advertising. This is handy for consumers to see firsthand experiences and insights from influencers before making a purchase.

Shopping online also goes hand in hand with influencers especially on a creative level, such as unboxing videos, hauls, and try-on videos, to showcase products and make them more appealing to their audience! This has turned online shopping into an entertaining and interactive experience, where consumers can virtually try out products through influencers’ content before buying something. Even Instagram and TikTok have their own shops that we can access now!

The world of influencer marketing is evolving and so is our consumer behaviour – We think it’s great and we hope you do too!