To boost AG1’s brand awareness and engagement to promote their nutritional and gut health products, the FSM team has enlisted hundreds of content creators via YouTube across various sectors such as Automotive, Fitness, Travel, Tech & DIY.

Trackable links were provided to monitor successful collaborations & sales – FSM also monitor content figures including viewership and engagement in order to make improvement suggestions and enhance future campaigns.

  • Platforms


  • Objective

    Increase brand awareness across various sectors.

  • Client Details

    AG1 is a supplement company with one product, also called AG1. The supplement is a greens powder created to help fill nutritional gaps in your diet. The powder includes 75 vitamins, minerals, probiotics, whole food-sourced plant compounds, and adaptogens meant to promote optimal health for its users.

  • Strategy Chosen

    Using strong relationships with YouTube content creators across sectors including automotive, fitness, travel and tech.


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